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Erkshjälpen Sweden.

This company has 60 large department like stores in Sweden selling second hand items to support children all over the world.

Roskilde Cathedral Denmark

Roskilde used to be the capital of Denmark and this is the church where many royals are buried. The church was built around year 1200 and...

A trip to Denmark

Today we West to a small city in Denmark beautiful weather but cool.

No Movie Today

Just some pictures from the last week I like

Malmö Fashion and Fun

Yesterday we went to Malmo to see A Fashion exhibit by Wallin a Swedish designer at a Museum

Båstad Sweden

Yesterday we topp a train up along the cost and visited the Tennis Capital of Sweden.

34 Jackson 81 Hans

Was invited to the Eleys. For my birthday had a great time and got to see Jackson play baseball. If you click the link below you will get...

This and That 2024

Just some footage I had on the phone that wanted to save.

Bank of Canada Museum, Ottawa

While in Ottawa we also visited the Bank of Canada Museum, which was very informative and interactive. Don't miss out on this great visit...

Ottawa a family visit.

Had a great weekend in Ottawa with family. Here is a short movie from a walk downtown.

ROM. Death: life’s greatest mystery

This video contains some images from the above mentioned exhibition. We went to see it twice, liked it better the second time but not...

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